HERC Vision

500 Disciples for Jesus Christ!

One of our primary culture’s here at HERC is to seek to listen to and be led  by The Holy Spirit to enable us to fulfill God’s plans and purposes for us and those we are called to go and love. The scriptures say ‘Sons of God are lead by The Spirit of God’.

About Thirteen years ago when seeking God for His vision for HERC He spoke very clearly to me and said the following….

“I want you to see created in the Heavenly realm a move of God that will heal the land”.

Now that is some vision statement! As the years have progressed I have seen the wisdom of what God said and how this has helped form our culture when it comes to worship, prayer, personal discipleship and making disciples.

In essence…. God has made it clear that anything we do which will produce lasting fruit (that is worth anything to Him) has to be established first in the heavenly realm through prayer,worship and obedience to His Word,which will produce lasting results both here on earth and for all eternity. Again scripture teaches us ‘its not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says The Lord.

God’s overall vision/purpose for us won’t change but there are different stages of fulfilling that vision. So why 500 DFJC? Early in 2012 I was at a leaders conference and a highly respected Apostle came to me and said’You can have your 500 people now’! I hadn’t mentioned to Him or anyone at that point anything about 500 people! I believe and have received this as a promise from God. Imagine all God can do through 500 disciples!


Pastor Dave